Horoscope Today 17 December 2019: Moon in Leo sign, these 4 zodiac signs benefit


Today, the Moon has entered Leo in the house of Sun. The transit of the Moon in the zodiac sign is considered auspicious in astrology. Along with this, the ninth fifth yoga of Sun and Moon has been made, which is making it more auspicious. In these situations, Tuesday is auspicious for you, let us first talk about Aries…

Business will be normal today. Money will be spent on entertainment work. Today you will get the benefit of your talent and your new identity will be created. New schemes will give benefits. Overall, the day will be auspicious, luck will support up to 70 percent.

If possible, avoid starting any new work. Avoid making risky investments. Do not get into arguments with anyone throughout the day, control anger. Avoid lending to anyone today. Luck will support up to 51 percent today.

Your morale will increase today due to increase in might. There will be improvement in business, as well as profit. Your new contacts will be formed which will be beneficial in future. Luck will support up to 75 percent today.

Be careful in transaction operations, take special care when investing money. Control spending Do not lend to anyone today, nor take loan from anyone because today there is less possibility of return of given money. Luck will support up to 58 percent.

Today, there is a strong possibility of success in every task either by effort or by trying on your own. Opportunities for growth in trade are visible. Married life will be happy Luck will support up to 79 percent.

Excess of your spending will be there today, keep control on spending. It is the sum of unnecessary expenses for some reason. There can also be a waste journey, avoid debating with anyone in the family. Luck will support up to 68 percent today.

Your income is likely to increase. Money will benefit, there will be profit in capital investment, if you invest risky, you will definitely get profit. Luck will support 83 percent.

Your star is favorable. Today there will be profit and success in every field. Obstacles in work will be removed. Don’t get into a bad mood with anyone today. Luck will support up to 80 percent today.

Your religious instinct will increase, interest will also remain in spirituality. Can go on religious journey. In society, dignity will increase, opponents will be defeated, travel will be beneficial. Luck will support up to 76 percent.

Today, hard work and profit will be less, there is a possibility of interruptions in work. Avoid traveling, injury may occur, drive vehicle carefully. Luck will support up to 56 percent.

If anyone is thinking of starting a new employment then definitely do, there is a strong possibility of getting success, the matter of marriage of unmarrieds will go ahead. May be involved in any of the mangical functions of the family. Luck will support up to 90 percent.

Success will come after the struggle, enthusiasm will be increased by getting a new order or contract. Enemies will remain powerless. Compliments can be received from colleagues in the field. Luck will support up to 78 percent today.


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