Horoscope Today 05 Dec: Changes in the position of 2 planets today, see what effect on whom


Today, there is a big reshuffle in the position of planets. Mercury has returned to Scorpio after returning from Libra and Moon will enter Pisces afternoon. For which zodiac signs will be auspicious, see Aries first…

Today is a wonderful day for you in many ways. The decision taken today will build your tomorrow. One should take full advantage of the positivity of the day. People associated with the field of marketing can be very busy today. Family life will be pleasant. Luck will support up to 75%.

Today will be a busy day. You will not get time to do or think about anything other than your task. Be patient, leave worrying and keep working, all will be good. Family life will be normal. May feel tired. Love and happiness will increase in married life. Luck will support up to 70%.

Planet-constellations have written favorable luck for you today. The day will be happy. Make a new plan and implement it. Everything will look moving according to you. The work was done today and the decision taken will benefit in the future. Your job in the job will be completed on time. Luck will support up to 98%.

Today will be a mixed fruit. Be alert today, be careful. Stay at home or outside take special precautions for your health. Avoid injury. Unnecessary debate or injury to anyone can be a cause for concern. Stay away from negative thoughts. Luck will support up to 60%.

There will be pressure from seniors in the field, work carefully. The mind will be balanced due to the increase in income. Today you will be more taken care of by your spouse. There will be progress in the economic field, there will be profit in the trade. They will spend their evening time enjoying their work. Luck will support up to 78%.

Today, through the people you know, you will get new sources of income. Today you have to increase your physical activity by giving up laziness. If money is stuck somewhere, try it, you can get the money given today. Work-related to government sector will be done today. Luck will support up to 70%.

Today you will be full of energy and will do something extraordinary. It will be a pleasant experience to spend time with family members. Knowledge will increase. There will be auspicious conditions in jobs and business, will be busy. There are chances of getting wealth. You will get fame in work. Love and cooperation between the brothers will increase. Luck will support 85%.

Today you will feel relaxed physically and mentally. Do some work outside of the routine, so that you feel happy. Do not talk to anyone more today, otherwise, you can get caught in a debate. Time will be spent with family. Can go on a religious journey. Luck will support 50%.

Today you will be impressed by any big plan or idea. You can get benefits with hard work and dedication. Suddenly you will get some good news. Enemies and opponents will run away from you. Will spend a moment of joy with friends and family. Luck will support up to 75%.

Today is a moderately fruitful day. Transactions involving money require considerable caution. If you have taken a loan from someone, try to take it off today. Whatever will be good and bad today will depend on your decision and intellectual ability. Drive the vehicle carefully. Luck will support up to 65%.

Today you have a lot of confidence in you. It would be best for you to use today’s day in the right direction. Your respect and influence will increase in the field. Reputation in the social sector will increase. Stopped tasks will gain momentum. There will be support from brothers and sisters. You will spend the evening time with family. Luck will support up to 80%.

You will be able to benefit from the art and tact of talking. Some non-essential expenses are also due today. It is advisable for you not to do any work without getting under pressure and looking at someone. Take thoughtful initiative in share and risky work. Luck will support up to 55%.


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