Bigg Boss: Emotional breakdown of Shahnaz Gill, why start crying after hearing her praise?


In the last episode, when Aseem Riaz and Rashmi Desai tied the praises of Shahnaz Gill, there was an emotional breakdown of Katrina Kaif of Punjab.

Bigg Boss 13’s most entertainer contestant Shahnaz Gill has been extinguished since Siddharth Shukla went to the secret room. The entire house stands against him and Mahira. In such a situation, when Asim and Rashmi tied the praises of Shahnaz, an emotional breakdown of Katrina Kaif of Punjab was seen.

Why did Shahnaz cry after hearing her praise?

Sitting in the secret room, Paras Chhabra ordered Rashmi Desai and Aseem Riaz to praise Shahnaz Gill. Actually, the four members who contested the captivity were to become puppets and follow orders. These four contenders were to dance Siddharth Shukla and Paras Chhabra at their behest.

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During the task, Aseem and Rashmi praise Shehnaz and say- You are very cute, Katrina Kaif of Punjab. When Shahnaz asked if I am fat? So Rashmi-Aseem denied it and started praising her. On hearing all this, Shahnaz suddenly starts crying. Rashmi then silences Shahnaz.

But Shahnaz should not talk to anyone. Then Hindustani Bhau comes and silences Shahnaz. Mahira, while stating the reason for Shehnaaz’s cry, said- no one is talking to us. But now we have to do the task so everyone is talking and praising. Shehnaaz is not looking good. In the secret room, Siddharth tells Paras that Shahnaz is getting saddened by Aseem-Rashmi’s talk.


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