BB 13: Salman Khan surprised to hear Arijit Singh’s name, later praised


Hina Khan was shocked when she told Salman that her new song was sung by Arijit Singh, but later she praised the song.

Siddharth Shukla has transferred from Bigg Boss house to hospital due to ill health. At the same time, Paras Chhabra has been sent back home after surgery, but the attitude of the house has changed completely. Entertainment is happening in new ways with new couples. With the change, the show has also suffered.

From the point of view of TRP, the show has come down significantly, but it is still getting love from the audience. On Sunday, Bigg Boss X contestants Priyank Sharma and Hina Khan arrived in Weekend War. Both arrived here to promote their song Ranjhana. The song is sung by Arijit Singh. Everyone remembers Salman Khan’s dispute with Arijit Singh. After a dispute with Arijit, Salman Khan did not give him the song of any of his films.

During the promotion, Hina Khan told Salman that he was shocked when Arijit Singh sang this song, but later he praised the song.

Will Salman Khan host Bigg Boss?

Saturday’s episode in Bigg Boss was quite exciting. The audience liked Salman’s tough attitude here. Salman once again took a dig at Contestant Arhan Khan and also mentioned his statement on Rashmi Desai. Salman Khan clearly said that Rashmi Desai was never on the road and no Arhan has brought her even.

Salman revealed in his weekend war that Bigg Boss has extended his hosting for five weeks this season, but has reduced his fees. While making a video conference with Siddharth Shukla, Salman says, ‘Bigg Boss makers have added to the show for five weeks. They keep harassing me like this. They have extended the show but have reduced my fees.


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