16 December 2012: When the extent of humanity was exceeded, read the full story of the Nirbhaya case


On the night of 16 December 2012, there was such a disaster in Delhi that the whole country came on the road to protect women. Today, Nirbhaya case has completed 7 years and every person of the country is waiting for the execution of the culprits. Learn about the entire incident that night.

Today, 7 years have passed in the Nirbhaya case and the whole country is still waiting for the hanging of convicted Mukesh, Vinay and Akshay and Pawan. Today was the day when there was a brutality with Nirbhaya in Munirka, Delhi. That day, a paramedical student, Nirbhaya, went to see the ‘Life of Pi’ movie at the Select City Mall in Saket with a friend. After which he took an auto for home.

Perhaps both did not know that bad moments awaited them. It was very cold that night of 16 December. When Nirbhaya and his friends were in an auto. It was about 8 o’clock at night. Nirbhaya’s friend told aajtak that we had earlier decided to go to the house by direct auto, but the auto people did not agree. He said, do not sit so far, it is time to go to our house.

After which we asked the auto to leave till Munirka. Because the night was over enough. In such a situation, we decided that from Munirka we would look for another means for the house. Both of them landed at Munirka’s bus stand. It was around 8:30 at night.

A friend told that when Nirbhaya and I landed at the bus stand, a white colored bus was already standing there. In which a boy was repeatedly telling us where to go. The friend told that 6 people were present in the bus and were pretending as if a lot of rides were coming.

A little boy was making sounds for Palam Mode and Dwarka. In such a situation, a boy was repeatedly saying to my friend Nirbhaya, “Didi come on, where to go, we will leave”. After which we both sat in the bus.

Nobody thought that the bus ride would prove fatal. When the bus moved forward a little while I suspected that something was not going right. When he asked for my rent, I gave 20 rupees. The friend told that as soon as the bus moved a little further, the culprits closed the bus gate and 3 people came to the seat and punched me in the face. After which Nirbhaya tried the phone, but the culprits snatched the phone.

He used three rods to kill. Some were hitting on the head, some on the back and some on the hands. After which I hit my feet with a rod. As soon as I fell, the culprit pulled Nirbhaya back over me. Where he raped her.

At that time I tried to break the glass, but the glass of the bus was so strong that it could not be broken by hand. During this time, two to three people were killing me constantly. At the same time, the culprit was crossing the limits of humanity with Nirbhaya in the back seat. The friend said that the guilty were talking among themselves, saying that the girl is dead, now they throw them away. Even his intention was to make a bus over us, so that both of us die and no one knows what happened on the night of 16 December.

The culprits threw the friend and Nirbhaya into the tree. After which he also tried to board the bus. But I turned my friend to the other side. Because of which the bus could not climb on us. Let me tell you, the place where both were thrown was Vasant Vihar area near Mahipalpur in South Delhi.

Nirbhaya’s friend had told that the vehicles on the road where we were thrown were constantly coming. I shook hands and was trying to ask for help. Some vehicles also came, but they used to lower the glass of the car, look at us and go away. In such a situation, a bike man saw us and he first called his office. After which the car arrived from there and the police also came. Then we were taken to the hospital.

Nirbhaya breathed her last in Singapore

After this incident, the fire of agitation spread across the country. The whole country started demanding death penalty for rapists. There was a lot of uproar in the Parliament. Meanwhile, the condition of the victim girl was becoming critical. He was placed on a ventilator. The voice raised from the streets and social media was getting louder than before on the roads of Parliament. Along with Delhi, demonstrations were taking place in the country.

The then Chief Minister of Delhi Sheila Dixit had said that she did not have enough courage to go to see the victim girl. However, former Congress president Sonia Gandhi had to go to Safdarjung Hospital to know the condition of the victim girl. Nirbhaya’s condition was not recovering. So she was admitted to Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore. On December 29, Nirbhaya died there at around two and a half in the night.

An accused committed suicide in Tihar Jail

The matter was going on in court. The police had made 80 people witnesses in the case. The hearing was being held. But meanwhile, on March 11, 2013, accused bus driver Ram Singh committed suicide in Tihar Jail. However, Ram Singh’s family members and his lawyer believe that he was murdered in jail.

Let me tell you, on December 18, 2012, two days after the incident, Delhi Police arrested four of the six accused Ram Singh, Mukesh, Vinay Sharma and Pawan Gupta. December 21, 2012 – Delhi Police arrested the fifth accused who was a minor from Delhi and the sixth accused Akshay Thakur from Bihar.


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