“Zeher” Single from Ranveer Singh’s newly Launched Record Label


Earlier today, Ranveer Singh announced the launch of his music label and said that the first song from the company would release later in the day. Now the single has been released by IncInk, which is Ranveer Singh’s newly launched record label.

The label’s first song is Zeher with rapper Kaam Bhaari from Kandivali, Mumbai. The music video is shot like a gangster film theme but actually, the song tells the story about the contractual problems faced by the music artists. The video features Ranveer Singh, musician Anushka Manchanda, and other rappers.

The Mumbai rapper, along with fellow rappers SlowCheeta and Spitfire, is the first three talents who will release music through IncInk. Zeher has been written and performed by Kaam Bhaari. Shikhar Yuvraj Manchanda aka RAKHIS is the music producer, while Navzar Eranee has directed the music video.

Ranveer Singh has a cameo in the video, playing a big-time music star who eggs on Kaam Bhaari to intimidate the crafty music company elite preying on independent artists.

“Rap and hip-hop are popular in Indian music today,” Singh told DNA. “Hindustani rap and hip-hop are telling our nation’s story and reality. Singh starred as a rapper in Zoya Akhtar’s rags-to-riches tale, Gully Boy, which explored the Mumbai hip-hop scene and earned over Rs 130 crore at the box office, according to trade reports.

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