World Sight Day 2019: Try these easy home remedies to keep eyes always healthy


  • Every year, the second Thursday of October is celebrated as Sight Day worldwide.
  • Sight Day is celebrated to create awareness about serious eye problems like vision loss and blindness.
  • Eyes are the most delicate and important part of our body, so it is very important to take care that they work well. T
  • his year World Vision Day is being celebrated on 10 October i.e. today and the theme of this time is ‘Vision First’.
  • So, let’s know the basic symptoms of eye problems and their home remedies.

Symptoms of eye problem

1. Blur and not visible

2. Pain, swelling or itching in or around the eyes

3. Eye irritation and redness

4. Small spots or some flying looks before the eyes

Cause eye problem

1. Dust or dirt in eyes due to excessive pollution

2. The use of excessive cosmetic products can cause a burning sensation in or around the eyes.

3. Excessive use of a computer or mobile can cause dryness or excess water in your eyes.

If you are suffering from any eye problem then you can try these home remedies:

Tea leaf

  • Did you know that tea leaf contains powerful anti-bacterial agents that can relieve redness or swelling of the eyes.
  • All you have to do is: Dip the tea bag in hot water and then apply it on the eyes for 15 minutes. You can also wash the eyes with this tea water.
  • But if you have irritation in your eyes, just keep it on the eyes for a while.

    Mogre flowers

  • Soak some mogre flowers in clear water overnight.
  • The next morning, use this water like an eye drop 3-4 times a day.
  • Mogre water will not only clean your eyes but will also protect them from infection.


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