Women’s Day Special: ‘Kargil Girl’ on the Big Screen


Today on the occasion of Women’s Day, we are going to tell you about a Brave daughter of the Nation who has not only help the injured soldiers in the war but also take revenge from the enemy.

Today, we will tell you about the first Indian woman pilot Gunjan Saxena Who are the first women pilots to take part in the war.

Gunjan Saxena joined Indian Air Force as a Trainee Pilot in 1994. Gunjan has also been honored with the Shaurya Chakra Award. Gunjan plays an important role in the Kargil war also.

She joined the Indian Air Force in 1994 with the aim of serving the country, got the chance to showcase her bravery in 1999. Gunjan’s first posting was in Udhampur of Jammu and Kashmir.

The war broke out between India and Pakistan in 1999 and Gunjan was sent to the war zone with Lieutenant Srividya Rajan during the Kargil war. Indian Army carried out two major operations, Operation Vijay and Operation Safed Sagar.

Gunjan was a part of Operation Vijay during that time, Gunjan was to take care of injured Indian soldiers from the battlefield and watch the position of Pakistan from Dras and Batalik areas while keeping an eye on Pakistan the war zone.

Earlier, women were not allowed to go to the battlefield. But the Kargil war broke this tradition. During that time the Indian Army needed all the pilots in the war. All the female pilots were also called in War zone along with the situation in the war.

The story of Gunjan Saxena is going to be seen on the big screen very soon. This biopic is being named as “Kargil Girl”.

The film is produced by Dharma production and directed by Sharan Sharma. Janhvi Kapoor is in the lead role.

To understand the character of Gunjan Saxena, janhvi Kapoor has met her. The shooting of this film has started and some photos from the set have also emerged.

Producer Karan Johar on the film says that janhvi is a perfect choice for the film. Her personalities and attitudes match with Gunjan.

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