Weekend ka vaar today: Salman to attack housemates


Surbhi Rana was chosen as a champ of the Captaincy task by beating Rohit Suchanti. Megha, Sreesanth, and Somi voted her to control. The Bigg Boss 12 undertaking saw a couple of conditions changing definitely. Salman Khan, the superstar has appeared a day before the Weekend Ka Vaar scene. The hunk of a performing artist attacks Rohit and Surbhi for terrible conduct. He reveals to Surbhi that she passes comments about other individuals however she does not understand she is exhibiting herself in poor light.

The Bollywood heavyweight additionally takes a corresponding at Rohit for getting rowdy with Sreesanth. He inquires as to whether Rohit is just great at inciting individuals and getting pointless battles. Both Rohit and Surbhi look to a great degree strained subsequent to being addressed by Salman.

The competitors will motivate an opportunity to talk with their friends and family this end of the week. Subsequent to investing a long time in the house, candidates are left mournful on hearing the voices of their relatives. Bigg Boss additionally makes an unexpected declaration. He says that two of the housemates should serve discipline by remaining in the Kaal Kothri.Surbhi takes Sreesanth’s name and he declines to go to the Kaal Kothri. Will the housemates persuade Sreesanth to serve the discipline? We should observe tomorrow’s scene to realize what unfolds straightaway. Surbhi, who has now got direct entry to the finale week, has achieved quite a lot. From being the season’s first wild card contestant to the captain of the house, Surbhi has set down. Her mischievousness and conduct have maddened numerous in the house.

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