Watch Video: Ranveer Singh Scolds a Man for Rash Driving


Ranveer Singh, who always in the public eye and often spotted by fans around the city never declines the demand for photos or selfies. But recently, the actor has been spotted scolding a man for rash driving. Ranveer has shared a photo of him on Twitter and keeping in mind that fans shared their adoration for this on-screen character, one Twitter user replied to the tweet with a video of Ranveer scolding him for rash driving.

See the Video-

According to the reports, Ranveer lost his temper as the driver had driven past the actor’s car in such a risky way that it could have likewise prompted a crash. The Twitter user also claims that Ranveer used abusive language as well, in spite of the fact that isn’t so clear in the video shared by him.

Ranveer’s fans soon came to his defense and scrutinized the driver for his activities. The driver’s attitude recommends he was in the wrong and as opposed to tolerating the blame, chose to simply ahead and record the video.

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