Watch Now: Kangana Ranaut’s Fierce and Daring look in Dhaakad’s teaser


Kangana is very well known for accepting a new type of roles for the movie. Whether it’s a drug-addict model from film Fashion or a brave queen from film Manikarnika. She always lookout for something new. Today morning a new teaser of Kangana’s upcoming film Dhaakad got released which get audience attention.

In this teaser, Kangana is looking like a Fierce & Daring rebel fighter. Even some people are comparing Kangana with Rambo.  The teaser is getting a lot of appreciation from the public. The runtime of this teaser is just 45 seconds but it was enough to show the audience that Kangana is coming up with yet an another Bollywood banger.

Right now the teaser is available on Instagram only. It was posted on Youtube as well but later the channel removed the video. There’s no information why they did that. Meanwhile, Dhaakad is going to be released on Diwali 2020 and audience seams to be eager to watch it.


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