Watch: Fawad Khan Is Singing A Passionate Love Song Which All Made Us Crushing on Him Again!


The Pakistani boy who stole many Indian hearts probably won’t be a part of any Bollywood film right now however, he beyond any doubt is proceeding to beguile his fans. Fawad Khan recently performed with his band, Entity Paradigm, in the finale of Pepsi Battle of The Bands, a Pakistani music reality show.

We’re really wanted to think about how we did not realize that Fawad sings and he sings so well. The internet is going gaga over his performance of the song ‘Satrangi’. His voice spoke to the enthusiasm for love and the lyrics of this melody are a pure miracle.

His performance was literally remarkable that grabbed so many’s attention! And his performance and singing is the only yet another confirmation that whatever be your nation or religion, the holiness of art and music travels places. Tune in to Fawad singing here and you’ll concur with us!

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