A University in Madhya Pradesh Introduced a Course on “Sanskari” – Brides and Grooms


Madhya Pradesh has introduced a three-month life skills course which is “Sanskari- Brides and Grooms” in one of its universities known by Barkatullah University. Many people found this idea deeply offensive while the university started working on this very seriously. This course has secured its place in Psychology, Sociology and in women’s studies departments. However, the course will be launched in the next academic year.

So, if you have finished schooling, then you‘re eligible for this course! After the completion of this course, each student will be given a certificate that may fail to captivate eyes to it but prospective in-laws.

When asking Vice-Chancellor, DC Gupta, he said, “It is not really related to Saas-Bahu, it is the correct need of the times. Families are disintegrating and the children are leaving their parents. So, what we will do is to integrate human qualities and moral values and aspects like psychology and sociology.

See what further he quoted, “the course mainly aims to help keep the family intact. It’s a part of women’s empowerment about how she can adjust herself to the new environment after her marriage. We want to showcase a positive direction to our society about the topic and it’s our responsibility to do so in order to better our society with the superstitions also.”

Whereas, Congress leader Kunal Chaudhary disagreed and added, “They should improve the quality of education.”  

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