Trollers said Tahira look like Ayushman’s brother, she gave them a epic reply


Tahira Kashyap wife of Ayushmann Khurrana had reported news of cancer last year, since then Tahira’s name remains in the discussion. But this time she had to face the trolls. Actually, Tahira is present in the boxer hairstyle these days. People are trolling her because of Boycut hairstyle. People are saying, ‘Tahira is looking like Ayushman’s brother’. But Tahira did not remain silent on this. She also gave a good reply to trolls.

Tahira wrote: I have heard so many brotherly jokes that now when I meet Ayushmann there’s only one song is constantly playing in the background ‘you’re my, you’re my, you’re not my brother’

Tahira lost her hair during the chemo session which gave chance to trollers to poke her. But she handled it that time and she handled the trollers this time as well.


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