TikTok app banned in India: Few reasons why controversial app faced ban in India


TikTok has been removed from the App Store and Google Play after the Madras High Court reported a ban on it. Here are five incidents that prompted the ban on the application in India.

TikTok which has amassed 120 million monthly users in India – up from around 50 million it had five months prior – has confronted strong backlash as a result of some prominent incidents that have demonstrated the stage in poor light and resulted in India joining the developing list of nations – including Bangladesh and Indonesia – where the application is facing bans.

In a previous couple of days, Video making and sharing stage TikTok has struggled new flames each day. The application has been in the news for the wrong purposes behind some time now. In spite of getting a large following of a large number of fans over the globe, TikTok has confronted a considerable amount of analysis, and an apparently perpetual stream of debates has guaranteed that there have been many calls for it to be restricted – calls that seem to have been replied with the Madras High Court forbidding the application inside the nation.

Here are a few incidents that were accounted for in the media about issues that supposedly emerged because of the use of the application and at last led to the on the application in India.

  1. 24-year-old shot in Delhi

The latest occurrence that has fueled anger against Tik Tok is the situation of Mohammad Salman, a 19-year-old kid from Delhi who apparently lost his life after his companion Suhail Malik accidentally shot him while he was posing with a countrymade gun for a TikTok video. Reports guarantee that the incident occurred in the evening of April 13 when the two were heading to India Gate when the mishap occurred

2.Tamil Nadu understudies meet a mishap making Tik Tok video

Prior in February, another occurrence rose which expanded the warmth on the video-sharing application. While not an instance of a gun inadvertently was being set off, one undergrad from Tamil Nadu lost his life after accidentally slamming into a bus while riding on a bike with two of his companions. The mishap things being what they are, was an outcome of the three attempting to make a TikTok video while riding on a bike.

  1. Nillu-Nillu challenge prompts conflicts

While a significant number of us worry over the likelihood of politically spurred clashes amid the progressing races, before the end of last year two gatherings in Malapura town of Tamil Nadu wound up battling with one another over TikTok recordings. Eight people were harmed when a gathering of understudies and local people battled about Tik Tok recordings that were a piece of the Nillu-Nillu challenge.

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