These 5 plants make the air pure, bring it home today


  • In Delhi-NCR, everyone is troubled by the rapidly increasing air pollution.
  • From children to the elderly, they are becoming victims of this poor air quality.
  • To avoid increasing pollution, people are taking full care of applying masks to eating and drinking.
  • Due to increasing pollution, the demand for such plants has been increasing, which works to keep the air purifier ie air pure.
  • Those plants that are effective in dealing with poisonous winds and by applying them, the environment of your home will be clean and pure.

Aloe vera – Aloe vera plant is very effective. Aloe vera removes harmful gases such as formaldehyde. It is very easy to apply. Aloe vera eclipses the sun’s rays rapidly.

Areca Palm – This plant is also called living room plant. This plant removes toxic gases like formaldehyde, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide from the air and gives pure oxygen. To purify the winds of the house, plant at least 4 of its plants in the living room.

Money plant – Money plant is found in most of the houses. It is very helpful in purifying the air. They grow easily and anywhere. Money plants increase the amount of oxygen in the house.

Garbera Daisy- This plant with bright flowers helps to clean the air. It removes many chemical elements from the house. You can also apply it in your bedroom.

Chrysanthemum plant- This plant purifies the air and also enhances the beauty of the house. They are in many colors and are very attractive. It is also called this herb’s evergreen plant.


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