Sushant Sing says he likes playing characters he doesn’t know about.


Sushant Singh Rajput’s upcoming movie is a decent blend of a love story gangster dramatization and a business performer, every one of the stories is of various occasions, places, and characters. they are altogether significant stories he says, while Kedarnath, which discharges this Friday kept running into the discussion, the performing artist is happy it will finally hit the screens at its scheduled time. According to the Specialists, there were some questions that they come with and curious to know about and they got the answers in his words.

While asking, What got you interested in Kedarnath?

He answered “It’s a beautiful story to start with. Reading it was such a good experience. there were many things about the character that I wanted to live there, but there were also things I didn’t know how to do. this is one of the main reasons why I go for a  character. If I know it already, what’s the fun? I go for things which I don’t know how to do. If I have something to do then I should be curious. I am glad to have worked with Abhishek Kapoor ( director). every department is clear in terms of deliverables. he is very passionate about his work. he keeps thinging about other things we can get, even if he has done  a lot of preparation. he keeps looking for new things, and has an absolute love for filmmaking, which makes all the difference.”

Whats refreshing about Sara Ali Khan as an actor? Reporter asked.

“She is very sharp and intelligent. there are two types of confidence. one comes out of ignorance and one out of knowing why The confidence.  Also, when you know you are brilliant, you forced to think you know stuff, it stops you from learning new things, you lose relevance, but curiosity is inbuilt. she is curious and hardworking he answered.”

While asking, Your last film Raabta didn’t perform well at the box office. How important the business aspect of a film to you?

He said, “It is a responsibility in terms of one context. I like acting and that is my thing. But if I am part of a team, I shoulder the responsibility of a film. If you like the trailer of a film, Only then will you go to watch it? The point is to be consistent with audiences’ expectations so that I don’t let them down. So, that is a responsibility. Other than this, it is just like playing a video game. If I fall, it doesn’t matter. I win and it still doesn’t matter. Because my excitement is skyrocketing. I am happy.”

You mentioned you would like to direct a film. Is it happening anytime soon? Reporter asked.

“I like storytelling. Staying with storytelling in any sort of a way or format is absolutely sure, it will happen. Probably, I will have a platform where stories are told, and I am not functioning as an actor.” He said.

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