Sreesanth rushed to hospital after he blasts head and complaints of extreme pain in head.


Sreesanth and Surbhi Rana had a fight and later blamed him for being disrespectful towards ladies. Angered at the statement, Sreesanth locked himself in the washroom and hurt himself badly. Many critics will disclose to you that a lot of what occurs in the Bigg Boss house is scripted. Whether or not that is correct, it’s impossible to say at the same time, now and again, matters turn shocking similar to the case with Sreesanth who must be hurried to the healing center.

There are a bunch of characters in the Bigg Boss 12 house who are potential troublemakers. In the event that Surbhi Rana is known for her violent conduct, Sreesanth is famous for his forceful ways. Imagine if the two were to conflict? Indeed, that is actually what happened as of late in the house. They got into an argument and Surbhi blamed him for being disrespect towards ladies. Salman Khan additionally, apparently, pulled him up. Attacked at the thought, Sreesanth locked himself in the washroom and declined to venture out. Different contenders including Dipika Kakar, Karanvir Bohra, and Romil Chaudhary, did their best to make him turn out, yet without any result. In an attack of irritability, he banged his head against the wall and hurt himself seriously. Sreesanth did, in the long run, leave the restroom, however, whined of serious head pain and had to be rushed to a doctor’s facility in Lonavala. He has since been released and is back in the house.


As indicated by reports, the news was affirmed by his wife Bhuvaneshwari who took to social media to inform his fans. She penned She said that Sreesanth had been rushed to a doctor’s facility following complaints of severe pain in his head. Specialists needed to discover that if there was any significant damage. He is well and has come back to the house, she said. She penned, “Hi Guys, When I read about Sree being taken 2 hospitals I got very worried. Spoke to the team. He had severed pain so was taken to hospital for checkup and X-ray. He’s back in BB house now. Nothing to worry. Thank you so much foy you love and concerns.”

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