Sonakshi Sinha’s Agency Denies Charges of ‘Cheating’ of ₹37 Lakh


After a case of fraud was registered against Sonakshi Sinha by Promod Sharma, an event organizer, in Moradabad district of Uttar Pradesh. Police said on Sunday that the actress along with four others — Malvika Punjabi, Dhumil Thakkar, Edgar Sakaria and Abhishek Sinha — have defrauded the accusation of ₹37 lakhs.

In the complaint, Promod said that payment of ₹37 lakh had been deposited to Sonakshi’s account for her presence in an event, but at the last minute, however, Sonakshi cancelled her appearance causing huge losses to me.

As per reports, the audience who were expecting to see Sonakshi perform were left disappointed and they even vandalized the venue in retaliation, which is why the organizers incurred heavy losses.

Sonakshi’s team issued a statement and said-: Sonakshi was approached by the event organizer in Delhi to attend an event. However, in spite of repeated reminders, the organizer failed to make the payments to Sonakshi before the event. The tickets to Delhi were not in order, the organizer also didn’t send return tickets for Sonakshi and her team, despite knowing that she had a shoot the next morning after the event.

Several attempts were made to contact the organizer requesting him to make the contracted payments and send the tickets, however, they remained incommunicado

Due to a lack of commitment by the organizer, Sonakshi and her team were left with no choice but to return home from Mumbai airport.”

The organizer is using the media to release false and manipulated facts and now if the organizer doesn’t stop, Sonakshi and her team will be forced to take legal action against him to set things straight.

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