Some critics find Zero movie disappointing, and some find it mind boggling.


Shahrukh Khan’s tremendously acted movie Zero is all set to fire the cinema theatres tomorrow. The much-awaited huge release of the year Zero, is already going through the blended reviews. The rumors are taking place on Twitter and people are already reacting on the criticisms of great critics. Twitter handles made to nearly look like mainstream film critics are tweeting out their responses to the film and numerous individuals online appear to consider them important without recognizing the way that these are not authentic confirmed Twitter handles. Taran Adarsh, the great critics discloses the considerable details about the movie ‘Zero’. He finds the movie disappointing and wrote on Twitter.

Find it here:

Anupama Chopra finds the movie the best and wrote,

Another great critic Komal Nahta finds the movie an entertaining saga, find it here,

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