Sidharth Shukla and Asim Riaz fight on Big Boss13: Video Viral


In this non-stop battle of Siddharth-Aseem, the biggest question arises on the silence of Bigg Boss. Bigg Boss has not yet taken tough action on Siddharth-Asim.

Siddharth Shukla and Asim Riyaz’s high-voltage feud has been in the news in the reality show Bigg Boss 13. Outside the Bigg Boss house, Siddharth-Aseem’s migration trend is a topic. The daughter’s marriage started from the task, the fight of these two is not taking the name of freezing. Both contestants dominate the regression so much that they have no fear of being punished by the Big Boss and also being homeless.

Siddharth was seen repeatedly pushing Asim

In the fight shown from Tuesday’s episode, Siddharth has hit Asim very hard. Aseem alleged that Siddharth pressed his collar so loudly that he suffocated. Aseem also showed marks of scratching on the chest. In the upcoming episode, Siddharth will once again be seen pushing Asim hard. In the promo video, they were seen running to kill each other.

Question on Big Boss silence

In this non-stop battle of Siddharth-Aseem, the biggest question arises on the silence of Bigg Boss. Many times both contestants were seen physical. But Bigg Boss is only giving warning. During the push-off between the two, Bigg Boss is only giving restraint, talking remotely and not giving his hands. But till now Bigg Boss has not taken tough action on Siddharth-Aseem.

Is Big Boss forced in front of TRP game

True, the show is getting good TRP due to the battle of Aseem-Siddharth. The battle of friend-turned-enemy Siddharth-Aseem remains a hot topic. It is clear that even Bigg Boss does not want to put a full stop on the battle of Siddharth-Aseem. Seeing the benefits in TRP, Bigg Boss is also enjoying the game by staying on the back foot. On the other hand, there is a campaign to remove both of them from the show on social media. But the reality is that Aseem-Siddharth is the strongest contestant on the show. Not taking too much strict action on both is also a compulsion of Bigg Boss. They can nominate both of them for a season at the most. But they cannot be removed from the show.

Salman will be supported by Siddharth-Aseem?

Now Bigg Boss is sitting silently on the battle of Siddharth-Aseem. But Salman Khan’s reaction to the big fight of season 13 in the weekend war, fans are eagerly waiting for it. Out of Siddharth-Aseem, who does Salman Khan will support, this remains the biggest question.


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