Shivashish Mishra is a great match for Jasleen Matharu : Anup Jalota


Anup Jalota was removed out of the Bigg Boss 12 house this end of the week and shocked everybody by saying that he was not in a relationship with Jasleen Matharu. He said that they went inside as a master – shishya jodi and he was shocked she pronounced that they were dating since three years. . “She was taken inside the house six days before I went in. When she said that on stage, I did not have time to react. I thought that it was a new idea and played along. I wanted to keep it dignified, which is why we avoided any kind of PDA inside the house. I have to ask Jasleen why she said that we were a couple on the premiere night,” he says.

Bollywood Life addressed the artist yesterday and got some information about the friendship between Shivashish Mishra and Jasleen. They have been holding exceptionally well since few days and even spared each other in the selections. Would he mind on the off chance that they turned into a couple in the coming days? “I would be happy for them. Shivashish is a very nice guy and comes from a very good business family. Moreover, he has a clean heart. If Jasleen and he fall in love, they will have my blessings,” he opined.

Jasleen’s father, Kesar Matharu needed to confront numerous rude remarks from relatives. Anup said he met Kesar after his exit and cleared his position. He told, “Kesar Ji and I had discussed that we would enter in as a guru – shishya Jodi. On stage, Jasleen said we were a couple. She was locked in six days before me. I had no time to react. I thought it might be a strategy and decided to play along. I can act a bit (laughs uproariously). I have told Kesar Matharu if he will let me do Jasleen’s Kanyadaan as and when she gets married. He said we will do her Kanyadaaan together.”


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