Save your time with these beauty tips, and look even more attractive


Often, working women have to face many problems in preparing for the morning office. According to a recent survey, a woman spends an average of 55 minutes on her make-up on working day. Since morning time is precious for you, so it is important for you to be prepared fast. If you follow this routine.

Plan your things for the next morning and plan your things in the night. This will save you time

After the bath, use microfiber towels to wipe hair. It absorbs water much faster than regular towels. Finish your work and open this towel. This not only reduces the time for drying the hair from your dryer but also reduces the amount of heat you take on your hair.

Use BB Cream. The cream containing SPF will moisten your skin, soften and protect from sunlight, and bring brightness in the face.

Find quick fixes. If your nail pain is missing or the hair has become too much sleek in the morning, use a quick fix like nail paint retching or dry shampoo, because if you start to paint on the nails or wash hair, it is bound to be late.

Make your make-up at the end, because it can be half-incomplete in haste, which can be needed to retouch later and waste your time.

If your haircut is right then you can save 30 minutes daily. Talk to your stylist for hairstyles with low maintenance according to the type of hair.

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