Salman Khan can avoid appearance in Jodhpur court today


Bollywood actor Salman Khan is present in the Jodhpur court today in the case of black deer hunting. But before this appearance, Salman has received death threats from Sopu Gang on social media. In this Facebook post posted on 16 September, Sopu gang henchman Gary Shooter has targeted Salman’s photo with a red cross. With this, it has been written that Indian law may forgive Salman but Vishnoi society has sentenced him to death.

Along with this threat, this gang has also put a video on a Facebook page called Group 007. Earlier, Sopu gang leader Lawrence Vishnoi had threatened to kill Salman Khan in Jodhpur court a year and a half ago. Most of the members of this gang are associated with Vishnoi society and Vishnoi society considers deer-like gods. This society has been continuously protesting during Salman’s appearance.

After this gang activity, the police came into action and drove Lawrence Vishnoi’s gang behind bars. Like before, this time the police is going to provide complete security to Salman. However, this time it is being feared that Salman Khan will not appear in the court due to this threat.

In the hearing held on 4 July 2019, Sessions Court Judge Chandra Kumar Songra ordered Salman that if he did not appear in the court on 27 September, his bail would be dismissed. It is to be noted that Salman Khan got bail in May last year. Since then, he has not yet appeared in court again.



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