Saand Ki Aankh: People Ask on Social Media, Why They Didn’t Cast Older Actresses for the Lead Roles


Bhumi Pedenekar and Taapsee Pannu are playing the role of Sharp Shooters in Anurag Kashyap’s movie “Saand Ki Aankh”. The two women had decided to become shooters after crossing the age of 60 years. After the film’s look came out, many people on social media had said that these characters should have chosen such actors who are really old age. Although the producer of the movie recently told that 15 actors had refused to do these characters.

The film’s co-producer Nidhi Parmar said in the interaction with media that we had met many senior actors of 55 to 60 years of age, although no one was ready for these characters because they themselves were in such an avatar. Did not want to see Apart from this, many young actors did not even want to see themselves in old roles. Although Bhumi and Taapsee have shown great enthusiasm for these roles and we are very happy about it.

The same Taapsee said that I have played the role of a college girl even after the age of 30, but no one has filed any objection regarding this. Many people were too surprised by our decision that we decided to do these roles because there are very few actors who want to see themselves old and unattractive on the screen.

Apart from this, Bhumi also shared her opinion on this matter. She said that people have always been playing the role of more than their age in cinema. In Anupam Kher’s film Summary and Mother India, Nargis had rolled more than her age, which is still considered among the most memorable characters of both of these stars. When we can play less than our age, then what is the problem in older roles?

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