Ranu Mondal is on target of users after misbehaving with fan, trolls are becoming fierce


  • Ranu Mondal has been in the news once again since the VIDEO that came out in the past, now people are expressing their displeasure about Ranu in different ways.
  • Ranu Mondal, who became an overnight internet sensation with her singing, was seen behaving badly with a fan, due to which she again became a victim of trolling.
  • At the moment, a video on the internet is viral in which Ranu Mondal is seen standing in a shop, suddenly a female fan hands over his shoulder from behind and pleads with him for a selfie.
  • Ranu Mondal reacts to this and immediately turns back and asks the woman, “What does that mean?”
  • People did not like the behavior of Ranu Mondal in the video. In such a situation, people started making different types of memes on Ranu and started tightening them.



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