PM Narendra Modi: PM Modi’s Biopic to miss April 5 Release


There is a tremendous discussion about Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s biopic “PM Narendra Modi”. The film was proposed to be released on April 5, but because of Lok Sabha elections, “PM Narendra Modi’s” release has been postponed.

The film is directed by Omang Kumar and Vivek Oberoi plays the role of Prime Minister Modi. Senior film critic Komal Nahta confirmed today that the film’s release has been postponed till next week. Let’s say that even earlier the film’s release was postponed but now believed that the film is going to be released on April 12.

All the political parties have expressed objection on this film. Although Delhi and Bombay High Court refused to stop the release of the film. According to reports, the Election Commission also refused to stop the release of the film.

However, the release date of the film has not been revealed. Let’s say that Congress, DMK and Maharashtra Navnirman Sena had strongly opposed the release of PM Narendra Modi before the results of Lok Sabha elections 2019. The parties have alleged that this will affect voters in the elections. According to sources, this matter is still pending in the Supreme Court and the Election Commission.

During an interaction with Managing Editor Rahul Kanwal in a program, Vivek Oberoi said that it is a free country and I have the right to release my film. During the debate, Vivek Oberoi raised the issue of Freedom of Speech and said, “If you are a tolerant country and you do not have access to it, then why should not a film be allowed to be released?”

Vivek Oberoi said in an interview, “It is a free country and I am allowed to make a film and release it. I am surprised that people like Nagma who belong to this industry They are also opposing the film. Nagma is my senior and she is not supporting the fact that the film should be allowed to be released.”

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