Olympics Hockey Qualifiers: Indian men’s team gets an easy draw, women’s will play against America


While the Indian men’s hockey team will play with the Russian team in the last round of the Olympic qualifier, the women’s team will face the US. The final round draw of the Tokyo Olympic qualifier was announced by FIH on Monday. In this, the Indian men’s team has got an easy team of Russia but America will face a tough challenge in front of women.

In this last round, India has to play two matches with their opposing team. The Indian men’s team will play their first match on November 1 and the second match on November 2. Talking about the women’s team, its first match against America will be played in Bhubaneswar on November 2 and the second match.

The Indian men’s team, which has won Olympic gold eight times, is currently ranked fifth in the world rankings, while Russia’s team is also not in the top 20. Russia is ranked 22nd in the FIH world rankings. The same year the Indian team defeated Russia by a big margin of 10–0 in the FIH series final against Russia in Bhubaneswar.

Speaking of the women’s ranking, where the Indian team has reached 9th position in the recently released rankings, the current ranking of American is 13. During the Women’s World Cup played in London, India and America were tied 1–1. Was left equal.


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