No need to waste hours by going to the gym, stay fit and healthy at home with these easy exercises


  • Morning exercise keeps you active throughout the day, but you do not find time to exercise between home and office in the runaway life.
  • Here we will tell you about some instant exercises, for which you do not have to waste time by going to the gym.
  • You can do these at home by removing only 10 minutes from your busy schedule.
  • High-intensity interval training is also known as HIIT.
  • This is a workout that you do at a fast pace, so it gives you a lot of benefits in spite of doing it in a short time.
  • The special thing is that if you do HIIT workouts daily, then you get the benefit of both cardio and strength training.
  • It is also called athlete workout by some people. This can be a better option for losing weight. Read more about related workouts.
  • It takes more time to do cardio exercises and burns calories in less quantity, while Tabata means hit exercise at least 13.5 calories burn in 1 minute.
  • It also depends on your intensity level. To do Tabata, you have to do 2-4 exercises daily.
  • In this workout, you have to do every exercise for 20 seconds, after which you have to rest for 10 seconds.
  • For this, you can also do some exercises together.

1. Single leg squats

For the right leg: This is similar to normal squats but is done with only one leg. First, do squats with the right foot. To do this, freeze the left leg in the air, do both hands forward, then bend down. While doing this, keep in mind your balance. This strengthens your right leg muscles.

For the left leg: This is also done in the same way you have been before. Do this with the left foot instead of the right foot.

2. Charlie’s Angels Exercise

Do with right leg: right leg forward left leg bend backward. Hold for 30 seconds. Then come back to the previous position. Repeat this action. This makes the knees strong. This can also be done by holding the ball in the hand.

With left foot: What you did with the right foot, now you have to do it with the left foot. The back should be straight while doing this exercise. Hold for at least one place for 30 seconds. Do at least 10 raps.

3. Prisoner Squats

Prisoner means that it is posed like a prisoner. Stand straight to do it. Straighten the hands and take them to the back of the head. Then bend down slightly. Make sure that your hand stays behind the head. Then return to normalcy.

4. Plank

First of all, spread a mat. Now lie down. Come to Planck’s position. Keep in mind that in the hit exercise we have to change Planck’s method slightly. Then raise one arm and one leg upwards, then repeat the same action with the other leg and arm. Keep repeating this action.

5. Hydrotherapy

Swimming is very good exercise with fun. It provides advantages like cardio. The upper and lower muscles of your bodywork while swimming. Also, apply a swim stroke. Apply 4 strokes every 20 seconds. Try to do this for at least 4 minutes.

Experts say that as soon as the music falls in the ear, the feet start to twitch by themselves. Therefore, light music is also played in the gym. If you are doing HIIT at home, then if you are doing fast and LIIT, then listen to slow music.


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