No Fathers in Kashmir Review: The Film raises a bold and absolutely valid point about the unrest in the Kashmir Valley


Ashwin Kumar’s film ‘No Fathers in Kashmir’ is the story which explains the valid point about the unrest in the Kashmir Valley. Kumar shows the situation of the valley and some of the truths in this film. This film tells the story of half-wives, half widows and families who are picked up under suspicion by the army and after that, they disappear.

No Fathers is Focused on the story of Kashmir Noor (Zara Web), a teenager who has been raised in London and who comes back to the valley to meet her grandfather (Kulbhushan Kharbanda and Soni Razdan). Noor’s father has also been picked up by the army and he has been missing for many years. Now her mother is ready to marry another man, who is obviously a powerful man, grandparents still hope to return to their son.

Noor joins with his Humayum Majid (Shivam Raina), whose father is also missing. They try to find out the truth about these missing people. They gradually fall in love with each other. Majid is not ready to be part of Nour’s adventures, and his fear then turns into reality, when he captures the army of the army, while Noor escapes due to being an NRI

Debut Actors Zara web and Shivam Raina have done a tremendous job. Kulbhushan Kharbanda and Sony Razdan are also amazing. Other artists such as Anshuman Jha, Natasha Mago, and Ashwin Kumar are in important roles.

Ashwin tells the story sensibly without damaging anyone while the cause of rebellion and rebellion in Kashmiri youth is revealed; Ashwin also ensures that the Indian army can understand the dilemma that is in the situation. Most importantly, Ashwin does not shy away from making the story. Thankfully, during the long battle with the censor board, it was released.

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