Naseeruddin Shah To star in his first ever web series With Zero KMS


This is the first time through Naseeruddin Shah has worked in a web series. Guru depicted by Naseeruddin Shah and Arjun played by Tanmay Dhanania play the fundamental leads in the show. Zero KMS is Arjun’s journey to discover equity. Detained for 10 years over a wrongdoing he didn’t confer, Arjun at long last has a shot at freedom. He’s got amidst a substance trafficking racket that undermines to overturn his whole kms

Speaking of his debut in a web series, Tanmay Dhanania said, “Zero KMS is a beautifully directed story and is a powerful show with a strong storyline. It was great working on such a show which focuses on the harsh realities of today’s world.”
A hard-hitting action-packed drama, Zero KMS forces one to take notice of issues which are plaguing the society. Missing people, flesh trade and drug abuse are widespread, and the series tackles the very same.
A hard hitting action packed drama show , Zero KMS potrays the problems the society is going through. Lost and missing people, flesh trade and drugs are showed as a subject of plague to the society, the series tackles all of these problems at the same time.


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