Namastey England: Reason why Katrina Kaif and Akshay Kumar were not cast in Namaste England


Director Vipul Shah says he had addressed the first leads of Namastey London, Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif, for its second part Namaste England yet things didn’t work out.

The director said while Akshay was occupied with earlier duties, Katrina figured she would not suit the part.

“Katrina could not have been an Indian desi girl. We both did speak about it. And she said this role is something that people may not accept her in. I was going to do the film with Akshay but his dates were blocked for two years so he recommended I go to another actor,” Vipul.

The director said he at that point moved toward Arjun Kapoor who had everything that he required in an on-screen character to fill the role.

“I met Arjun and I told him I was going to do this with Akshay but he doesn’t have dates. He heard the script and agreed to do it and that’s how he came into the picture. I wanted someone desi who can also look modern and who has got a certain honesty in his face. He was the most suited boy for the part. Parineeti was already part of it when I was going to do it with Akshay,” he added.

Released in 2007, Namastey London proceeded to end up a hit, with the matching of Akshay-Katrina and the music being broadly adored. The movie producer said he knows that examinations will be made with the main film and the vast majority of the general population will lean toward the first over the continuation.

“I am sure eight out of ten people will say ‘Namastey London’ was better, this is bad because it’s human nature, whatever is old is gold. They must’ve have seen ‘Namastey London’ so many times, have been listening to its music all these years. And that’s because you are already emotionally connected to the first one so you treat this as a lesser cousin of the original one.”

Vipul, in any case, said he didn’t make the spin-off of capitalize on the establishment but since he saw potential in the story.

People tell us to make sequels of ‘Singh is Kinng’, ‘Holiday’ and other films. There is a demand for it. There’s no dearth of fresh ideas. Even in sequels, the story is new, just the world is similar.
Namaste England is scheduled to release Thursday.


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