#MeToo: Tanushree Dutta’s taunt on Aamir Khan, asked- No pity for me?


Aamir Khan is working in Gulshan Kumar’s biopic Mogul. He left the film earlier. The reason for this was the accusations made by the film director Subhash Kapoor. In his recent statement, Aamir had told how he tried to cross-check the allegations against Subhash Kapoor. When he could not find any evidence against Subhash, he again joined Mogul.

Actress Tanushree Dutta, who laid the foundation of the Meetoo movement in Bollywood, has taken a liking to Aamir Khan. The actress said- “I read everything Aamir Khan had written, stating the reason for joining Subhash Kapoor.” I want to ask a question … how can anyone sleep in Bollywood at night when a girl is a victim of harassment, and she is expelled from the industry? ”

“A lot of mercy is emerging for the accused of Meitu, but no mercy for its victims.” Nobody even bothered to ask me how I am feeling as an actor? My livelihood was taken away after the Harassment episode on the set of Horn Ok Please. I was a talented screen actor. No one wrote letters to me, did not help me revive my career, did not help me recover from the trauma, disgrace I endured. No pity for me, Aamir? ”

What did Aamir say in the defense of Subhash Kapoor?

Aamir had said- “Kiran and I were producing Mogul. I was also acting in the film. At that time we did not know that a case was going on against director Subhash Kapoor. When the Meitu movement started The case came to the fore again. Both of us were quite disturbed. Because of me, a man’s job was in danger. It was difficult for me to sleep. ”

“I and Kiran decided that we would talk to women who have worked with Subhash in the last 5-6 years. We found that there was not a single woman who said anything bad about Subhash. Everyone’s Had to say that Subhash used to take great care of him. We told IFTDA that we are considering re-working with Subhash in this film. “


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