Last year October when #MeToo went viral worldwide calling out Harvey Weinstein for sexual misconduct allegations, women’s energies startes syncing up. A year later, this wave of protest against sexual misconduct and assault hit hard and hit home. Names like Nana Patekar, Aloknath, Sajid Khan, came up and are held responsible for victimising and assaukting co workers sexually. Tanushree Dutta, Vinta Nanda, Saloni Chopra and many others came out with their stories and we were shook. We can only imagine how hard it has been for them. It’s often confusing and confronting and difficult to address the abuse or the sexism one has faced but haven’t had the courage to publicly address it for so long. And we’re so misogynistic as a nation that women finally started reporting sexual assaults our response was that we must protect our boys from such accusations. But, India saw a little ray of hope when filmmakers like Zoya Akhtar, Gauri Shinde, Kiran Rao, Konkona Sen Sharma, Meghna Gulzar along with 5 other prominent female figures have formed a collective and asked the Hindi Film Industry to show support towards victims of sexual harrasment. These women have shared a note on social media, signed by these 11 prominent female figures of the industry stating they will no longer work with ‘proven sexual offenders’. But, the #MeToo Movement isn’t just limited to Hollywood or Bollywood- it’s about everyone subjected to assault or abuse coming out with their story, it’s about having a voice and not being scared to address the people that think it’s okay to misuse their power.

“We are in complete solidarity with the women who have come forward with their honest accounts of sexual harrasment and assault. Our respect and admiration to them as their courage has started a revolution of welcome change.”


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