List of Highest Paid Actors in Bollywood, Salman on The Top


Today, we are telling you some interesting facts and figures that you can easily understand what it means to be a hero compared to a heroine.

On March 8, International Women’s Day Without Women, we can not even imagine this Beautiful world. However, like every section of society, there is the talk of gender equality and even Bollywood also.

 As if we talk about the film fees, you can easily feel the difference between a hero and a heroine’s fees. Do you know who are the highest paying stars at the present time?  You will be surprised to know that the top 10 list of the highest fees is not a single heroine name!

There are some names like Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra, but they are still far behind actors.

Top 10 List of Highest Paid Bollywood Actors:

 1.     Salman Khan takes about 50 to 60 crores for a per movie.

2.     Aamir takes about 50 to 55 crores for a per movie.

 3.     Shah Rukh Khan takes about Rs 40 to 45 crores for per movie.

4.     Akshay Kumar also charges Rs 35 to 40 crores per film. But, it is also interesting that in the case of gross earning, Akshay gets heavier on all the stars.

5.      Hrithik Roshan’s takes about 30 to 40 crores for a per movie.

6.     Ranbir Kapoor takes about 25 to 30 crores for a per movie.

7.     Ajay Devgn takes about 22 to 25 crores for a per movie.

8.     Big B takes about 18 to 22 crores fa or per movie.

9.     Ranveer Singh takes about 15 to 25 crores for a per movie.

  1. Shahid kapoor takes 15 to 20 crores for a per movie.

Actresses like Deepika Padukone charges 14 crore, Priyanka Chopra and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan both charges 13 crores and Kareena Kapoor Khan charges 11 crores. Apart from this, names like Kangna Ranaut can be around 9 to 10 crores, Katrina Kaif 5-6 crores, Anushka Sharma 5-6 crore, Alia Bhatt, 4-5 crore etc.

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