KRV’s Yuva Sena: Sunny Leone playing Veeramahadevi is an insult to our goddess


While various fans on social media lauded Sunny Leone’s up and coming film Veeramahadevi and her first look publication, it appears that some in Karnataka aren’t content with the previous Adult performer playing a beloved goddess on big screen. Veeramahadevi, which has a financial plan of Rs 100 crore, has Sunny Leone playing the lead character offended members of the Karnataka Rakshana Vedike’s youth wing.

In a meeting with News 18, Harish, leader of KRV’s Yuva Sena stated: If Sunny Leone plays this role, it will be an insult to our culture. Veeramahadevi is our goddess, we will not allow this.” The members also seem to have threatened the makers of the film by saying that if Sunny Leone is not replaced, we will not let the film release in the state.

Harish further added, “Sunny Leone is said to be visiting Bengaluru on November 3. We will not let her promote this movie in any of the states.”

For those uninformed, Karnataka Rakshana Vedike’s youth wing is likewise the group that dissented in 2017 when Sunny Leone was set to perform in the state in December a year ago. While, the court had interceded in the issue and requested security for the on-screen character, yet at the time, Sunny had declined to perform.

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