Know How You can Save Yourself from Heart Diseases by Daily Push-Ups


Either way, All Type of exercises is good for health. But in a report of a new study, it has been claimed that the risk of heart disease is very low in men who do push-up on daily bases.

Exercise is necessary for good health. Push-ups are the easiest and a simple exercise in them. A person of every age can exercise it. Push-ups are the best type of cardio exercises for fitness experts. This has been confirmed in a new study that men who push up more than 40 times at a time, they have 96 percent less risk of heart disease.

This study is done by researchers from Harvard University. For the study, researchers examined health data of about 1,104 people of 39 years. The study, which lasted for almost 10 years, has registered 37 cases related to cardiovascular.

Dr. Jasting Yang, chief researcher at the Harvard TH Chain School of Public Health, said, “The results of our study show that how push-ups can save us from heart disease without spent money. This study applies only to those women and men who exercise regularly.

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