Kapil Sharma told Archana Puran Singh his ‘staff’, said Anil Kapoor has press his T-shirt


The manner in which people of Kapil Sharma’s comedy are so admired, can be gauged from the forceful TRP of their show. On the special chair of this show of Kapil, where Navjot Singh Sidhu used to be seen earlier, now the actress Archana Puran Singh is seen sitting here and laughing. Kapil and Archana Puran Singh are quite old. In such a situation, there is often fun on the show between these two. But now a backstage video from Kapil’s show is going viral, in which Archana Puran Singh is seen saluting Kapil.

Kapil himself has shared this video on his Instagram. In this video, Kapil is standing in front of the mirror. Then he says, “Can you fix my sleeves?” Archana goes ahead for this when Kapil says in English, ‘I have staff …’ On hearing this, Archana is seen saying in the video, ‘Sir, sir … this is my boss, Salaam sir. Kapil does not stop here. Rather, he says, ‘Not only this, just a while ago, Anil Kapoor has gone away by pressing my T-shirt ..’ On hearing this, Archana explains to him, ‘Anil will not listen nor will you beat me so much .. We Love You Anil ‘.



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