Huma Qureshi got trolled for commenting on team India’s new saffron jersey


Bollywood actress Huma Qureshi is one of the women in the industry who express her thinking openly in front of everyone. Some time ago, Huma’s web series Leila was being discussed on social media and now Huma Quraishi has once again come to the headlines. The reason for Huma being discussed is to talk about India and England cricket match on Sunday, June 30.

The Indian cricket team wore saffron jerseys instead of their blue jerseys during the match with England. Because the jersey of both teams is blue in color and it is necessary for someone to wear different colors. These changes were made for only one match. Huma asked a Twitter tweet to bring back the old blue jersey of India. He wrote, “There is no point of superstition, but can we just get back the blue jersey … I have spoken a lot.”

Huma was very upset at this point and he started trolling the actress. It was a problem for the people that why did Huma say that the saffron jersey was removed? After all, saffron colors are also in our Tricolor, then what is the problem with being in jersey? Apart from this, some also said that jersey has been changed for just one day, Huma did not need to speak this thing. Twitter users are calling Huma a true falsely


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