Horoscope October 7: Know what how good is your luck on Mahanavami



Work today will give auspicious results. You can go on a journey. But keep in mind that you drive the vehicle slowly. Will spend great time with friends Luck will support 70 percent today.


Today, luck will support you, the time has come to get the benefits which you have been deprived of in the past, a special visit to religion place is being made. There is no time to put in any work that has little risk. Be patient. Stay away from negative thoughts. Luck will support 75 percent.


There is a need to be careful with the conspiracy hatched by the enemies. Avoid making any new deal or taking any special decision today. Handle items carefully or otherwise, something may be lost. Do not take any decision in the matter of investment or land property. Luck will support 50 percent today.


All day will be auspicious. Spouse or any dear person will especially support you. Time is good for investing. There will be a benefit in the future. Maintain control over economic expenditure. You will not be short of money. Luck is 65 percent with you today.


Today is a very special day. Today is the day of some attainment. Stopped money or good news can be found. Something will be received. A friend can also give you a gift. Today you can get tasty food in the evening. You can go for a walk. Luck will support 70 percent today.


You will meet a dear person. The harmony of the people around will lead to success. The family will support you. Relationship with spouse will be sweet and plans can also be made to hang out somewhere. Luck will support 65 percent today.


It is a day to work carefully. Do not tell your secrets to others. Try to stay away from unnecessary arguments. Put your mind to work. Think before you trust others. Luck is 55 percent with you today.


On the strength of might, chances of success are being achieved, whatever you do today, you will get 100 percent result. May be heard any good news from the spouse. Then everything will become normal in a short time. Luck will support 65 percent today.


Invest in stocks etc. thoughtfully. While taking the right decision will make you rich, a wrong decision can harm you. Students may get to hear some good news today. Luck will support 50 percent today.


The work of past days will be completed today, if you are going for an interview, then understand your work is done, it is an auspicious day to start a new business etc. Pray to the mother Bhagwati and leave the house. Luck will support 70 percent today.


Unnecessary spending can stress you mentally. those jealous of you today will try to harm you, directly and indirectly, so don’t trust anyone. Luck will support 55 percent.


Today is a very auspicious day. Today all your work will take a rapid pace, the wish will be fulfilled. You are the king today. When everything is good, the mind will be happy. You can come and go somewhere with the family. This will increase your engagement.


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