Horoscope 4 October: Venus and Mercury are meeting today, know how the sixth day of Navratri will pass


The Moon will transmit to Sagittarius today, followed by Scorpio. On the other hand, today there are two auspicious yoga, first Saubhagya Yoga and then Shobhan Yoga. Apart from this, Venus is also coming in its zodiac sign today.

Do not travel far today, drive vehicles carefully, do not trust strangers or else you may have to take them. Today, in the case of money you also need to be careful. Avoid getting into a debate. Luck will support 55 percent today.

Life partners will get support. There will be sweetness in married life. You can also invest in shares, there will be profit. A person from among friends and family will come forward to help you. Stay away from negative thoughts. Luck will support 70 percent today.

It is a great day. Suddenly some good news or stalled money will be received, you will get success with wisdom. In the evening, any problem may arise in front of you. Do not worry, work with courage and do not hesitate to seek help from family members. Luck will support 75 percent today.

Changes in planetary constellations, circumstances will support you, more time will be spent on entertainment work. Use caution in case of investment. Do not blindly trust the partner. Use your brain. Luck will support you 70% today.

Be careful to keep happiness, do not fall into a debate it is very important to control anger and speech. Treat the wife with love If possible, you should take them somewhere. Get their favorite food and gift also. Both will be relaxed. Luck will support 65 percent today.

You will definitely get success due to an increase in confidence and might, you will get benefit in proportion to hard work. This time is going to give success to the students. You will find happiness in the midst of the family. Luck will support 80 percent today.

Every task will be successful. The work done today will be completed. Today, family members will get full support. There are special totals of wealth. You can go shopping with friends and family today. The mind will be happy. Auspiciousness is seen in married life. Luck will support 83 percent today.

Problems will start to be solved today, there will be enthusiasm for the cooperation and work of the officers in the job. You will now benefit from some decisions taken in the past. Stopped tasks will be completed. Luck will support 70 percent today.

Today you will have to work wisely to maintain your previously earned respect and benefits. Avoid unnecessary expenses. There may be interruptions in work from noon. Make any decisions related to land, buildings, and property very carefully. Luck will support 75 percent today.

Today the blessings of Maa Lakshmi will be on you. Days will be auspicious, with special benefits. Completion of tasks will also benefit from risky investments. Avoid getting into any kind of argument in marriage and love affairs. Be patient. Luck will support 75 percent today.

Today, the work will be busy throughout the day, respect will increase, fame will increase, the mind will be happy with the prayers and will get support and support from the dear person. Avoid both borrowing and lending. Today the chances of getting back the money given are less. Luck will support 75 percent today.

Luck is desperate to support you today, the environment of spiritual happiness and peace will remain, new opportunities will be received. You can also plan a trip with the family. You will also have a good time with friends. Luck will support 70 percent today.


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