Himesh Reshammiya has Released the First Look of the Movie “Main Jahan Rahoon”


Himesh Reshammiya is the all-rounder Actor in the Bollywood industry. With the talent of his singing and music, he has made a lot of name in the film industry. Apart from this, he has done a lot of work in film direction, production, and acting. The other thing is that the success they got in Singing did not get so much into acting. But Himesh is going to enter the acting once again. Himesh’s first look has come out for his next film.

Himesh Reshammiya has released the first look of the movie on Twitter. Himesh Reshammiya trolley is seen somewhere along the way. The title of the film “Main Jahan Rahoon” has been kept. The film’s release date has not been released yet but the film will be released in 2020. The shooting of the film will start on December 27. The acting workshop is still running on the film. The film will be directed by Rajesh Shetty. The film also includes Javed Akhtar. Both are going to work together after a long time. Earlier, both the were seen working together in Namaste London. There will be seven songs in the film. Their recording has already been done.

Himesh has another project besides this. Recently he has also taken the rights of the biopic of Indian Army soldier, Bishnu Shrestha. Explain that Bishnu Shrestha had fought 40 soldiers in the Maurya Express together in 2010. Himesh Reshammiya has previously worked in films such as Suroor and Khiladi 786.

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