Do your ears ring even without music? This disease may occur


  • Do you hear any sound even though there is no voice around you?
  • Do you often hear a sound like a bell, apart, or a roar? Does unseen unknown music keep ringing in your ear?
  • If you always hear the sound of ginger or ringing of a bell in both of your ears or in one ear?
  • There is a voice that does not let you sleep at night and you are so upset that if you have a tendency to end your life, then believe me you have started hearing less.
  • This can also lead to deafness gradually. These are symptoms of tinnitus disease.
  • Doctors fear that a large population of young people in Delhi may suffer from ‘tinnitus’ disease.
  • After Diwali, 30 percent of its cases have increased.
  • Amid increasing noise pollution, if you are fond of listening to fast music, watching TV or listening to the radio at high volumes, then you are giving this disease a treat yourself.
  • Speech therapist Dr. Sonia Gupta told that “Many ear problems are constantly increasing due to noise of factories, most of which is due to tinnitus.
  • Sonia Gupta says that these sounds are caused by damaged cells inside the ear. It causes severe pain in the ears continuously or intermittently.
  • Dr. Sonia Gupta says that every day about a dozen people are reaching her center in Preet Vihar which has a large number of youth who are music lovers and often listen to music from loud music.
  • If you are fond of fast music, then you may soon complain of deafness.
  • Frequent use of headphones and noise pollution can also make your ears ring.
  • Actually, a person’s ear can hear the sound of 60 to 70 decibels very easily but during Diwali the noise of crackers, ringing of wedding bands, bursting of bombs, ammunition detonation, etc. is about 140-107 decibels, in such a situation, the ears are bad.
  • The risk of being increased increases many times because of this people also lose the ability to listen.
  • According to the report of the World Health Organization, 360 million people in the world, one in five people are victims of it.
  • A report says that by 2035, 15.6 million people may suffer from this problem.
  • Prashant Goyal of Doctor Spectra reported that device therapy is used to prevent tie nights that affect voice-producing neurons.
  • For the prevention of noise pollution, Delhi Police had issued a helpline number 2349 0318 in April last year where complaints of noise pollution can be made round the clock, along with two other numbers 011 15271, 011 155 270 just filed a complaint.


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