Despite of Sushant’s incredible acting, Sara steals the eyes of viewers


Winning over all the controversies, Kedarnath has been released today on it’s scheduled date. Sushant Singh Rajput and Sara Ali Khan starrer incredible, full of drama and emotions, Kedarnath is a Love story-based film. Mukku (Sara Ali Khan ), who is a daughter of a Pandit, falls in innocent love with a soft-hearted Muslim boy Mansoor ( Sushant Singh Rajput). There are controversies about the film, and protests calling for a ban on the film, with comments like ‘But how can a Hindu girl fall in love with a Muslim boy in Holyland Kedarnath?’
Directed by Abhishek Kapoor film, both of the actors shine in their different way. Again Sushant Singh Rajput has been able to win over hearts, while Sara Ali Khan still steals the eyes of the viewers. With her impressive role and acting, Sara Ali Khan leaves a remark to go far in her filmy career. Director Abhishek Kapoor throws in a scene with Sara and Sushant taking a safe house from the rain in a cave; a scene that pays its very own tribute to the melody Badal Yoon Garajta Hai from Amrita Singh’s starrer film Betaab. It seems like her acting is getting too much while Sara Ali Khan has to make some efforts in the scenes, but still what is the good thing about the film is Sara Ali Khan surprises the audience.

The land must be purified. So the movie producers, mindful of the present-day atmosphere of the nation, utilize a helpful peak in Kedarnath. It keeps Kedarnath from getting to be something other than what’s expected. The music, the cinematography, the setting; Kedarnath winds up wasting everything that is great in it.

The reason behind watching this movie is Sushant Singh’s incredible acting, Sara Ai Khan’s heart-stealing role and innocent love between two innocent people from two different religions.

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