Sunday, May 26, 2019

Shahid Kapoor’s Highest Grossing Film Till Date – Padmaavat

Shahid Kapoor in Padmaavat One of the most celebrated actors of Bollywood, Shahid Kapoor is currently in a happy place. Titled Padmaavat, his first project with ace filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali finally saw the light of the day last week. And much to the relief of the cast, crew and everyone else who was rooting for it, the [...]
Mind Twisting Movie

Highly Appreciated Movie That Are Really Mind Twisting

Movies are made to be enjoyed. But some prefer to mess around with you before a final kick in the nuts. These are the films that are either complicated by nature that they’re not the easiest to understand. Or they have so much going on for them that they instantly need a second look before [...]
Weird People

These Are Some Weird People. Don’t Even Dare To Add Them On Your Friend...

  We all know why the great Mark Zuckerberg came up with the exceptionally amazing social media platform Facebook. He came up with Facebook so that all of us can regain touch with their long lost friends and loved ones at a distance from us. Because in our fast-paced life, where even the food preferred [...]
Shocking Mistakes

5 Shocking Mistakes In Famous Bollywood Movies You Never Noticed

We found this amazing post that showed us how good Bollywood is, even at being bad. You start wondering how exactly such colossal bloopers went unnoticed. You also want to face-palm yourself for missing them. Get ready for some epic over-sight! 1. Sholay – Thakur’s hands are actually visible in a fight sequence.   2. [...]
College Campuses

15 Attractive College Campuses In India That Must Be Tourist Attractions

Who needs a vacation when you have a college that looks like a dream! Chiggy Wiggy list down 15 college campuses that are worthy of being tourist attractions. 1) IIT GUWAHATI Guwahati is a place worth a visit if you are bored by rush of cities like Delhi. The city is calm. There is less [...]

All eyes on one target: Dec 22nd! #TigerZindaHaiWolves hunt in packs, but Tiger…

All eyes on one target: Dec 22nd! #TigerZindaHaiWolves hunt in packs, but Tiger hunts alone! Are you ready to witness this action sequence?...

Congratulations #RohitSharma for Hitting the historic 3rd Double Century in ODI…

Congratulations #RohitSharma for Hitting the historic 3rd Double Century in ODIs! No Way To Stop Rohit Sharma Once He Gets Going. Unbelievable. ...

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