Blank movie review: A Complex Narrative, thriller starring Sunny Deol in rescue mode


According to Bollywood rituals, if a new face is to be launched then either it is served with Love Story or as an Action Hero. According to the tradition in the film Blank, which introduces Karan Kapadia, son of Nepali actress Dimple Kapadia and Karan Kapadia. Director Behzad Khambata made a fine film about the big talent such as Sunny Deol, Karanvir Sharma, and Ishita Dutta in this film, but if the script was suppressed then it could have been a great movie.

 (Karan Kapadia) is instructing people on mobile in different parts of the city, but only then it becomes an accident. When he is brought to the hospital, the secret opens up to be a Suicide Bomber. Haneef’s encounter is decided, but only when a call comes and the story goes back 12 hours. ATS Chief SS Diwan (Sunny Deol) is reported to have brought HMX (explosive) in a huge consignment in the city. he gets involved in the investigation with his team, Husna (Ishita Dutta) and Rohit (Karanvir Sharma).

Investigation shows that the bombs on Hanif’s body are linked to the bomb of another 24 people, and using the terrorists Maqsood (Jameel Khan) in the name of Jihad and Jannat Wants to Haneef escapes from the police force in some way. Can he perform the terrible work of those 25 blasts? Why did young Hanif suicidal bomb? These questions will be answered in the film.

Director Behzad Khambata started the story very interestingly, where the curiosity continues till the intermission that what is Hanif’s reality? The terror of the terrorists keeps the audience watching the treatment. But in the second half, the story is shattered.

Talking about acting, Sunny Deol as ATS Chief has played his Edge and has done justice with his role with action-emotions. New faces Karan Kapadia has proved to be smart and clever in action but missed the expression. There is only one expression on his face throughout the film. Karanveer Sharma has done a good job in the role of ATS Officer. Ishita Dutta did not have much to do as Husna. Jameel Khan has worked as per the character of the terrorist gangster Maksud. The music side also did not show any good.

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