Anushka with Virat Kohli having fun at the beach


The pair of Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma is the most talked about in the industry. This is the reason why both stars keep giving their fans visual treatment by sharing their latest pictures. Recently, Virat Kohli shared a picture while enjoying with Anushka Sharma on the seashore. In the picture, Anushka is seen in a black bikini.

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Virat Kohli shared a picture on Instagram on Wednesday relishing the seashore with Anushka. Both expressions in the picture are amazing. Virat and Anushka Sharma’s brilliant tuning is clearly seen in the picture. This picture has got millions of likes in just one hour.
Virat Kohli’s last interview was very much discussed. He told about his first meeting with Anushka in the interview. Virat told in an interview to US television sports reports, Graham Bensinger, how nervous he was when he met Anushka for the first time. Virat told that he and Anushka met for the first time to shoot a shampoo ad. At that time, Virat did not even know that Anushka Sharma is working with him in this ed. When he came to know, he became nervous. Then Anushka came and Virat hit a joke in front of him, which Anushka found strange. This made Virat a bit more upset.

Virat told that after the strange start, this shoot went on for 3 days, due to which the conversation of the two was corrected. After this the two became friends and the relationship itself continued to move forward. Virat said that with time, both of them understood that the life of both of them has been very much the same. Both were making similar progress in different fields. After this, their relationship progressed and both of them understood that they want to spend life with each other.


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