Akshay Kumar’s Latest Movie ‘Kesari’ Trailer Released With Great Public Reviews


 Akshay Kumar is returning to Bollywood with a story about the Battle of Saragarhi, used social media to share the eagerly awaited trailer of his upcoming movie Kesari.

Akshay Kumar, Parineeti Chopra staring Film Kesari trailer has finally got the internet while the fans were waiting for the trailer of the film, the actor made sure that a good look is made and the patriot in you is brought to life forever.

Akshay Kumar plays the role of Havildar Ishwar Singh in the film that led the Sikhs at the Battle of Saragarhi. In The battle, 21 Sikhs, who were part of the British Indian Army, fought valiantly against 10,000 Afghan Orakzai tribes in 1897 in the northwestern frontier province.

 Akshay Kumar announced the launch of the Kesari trailer and wrote on Twitter: “Twenty-one Sikhs vs 10,000 invaders – witness to the bravest battle ever fought.

In The beginning of trailer Akshay Kumar’s voice over who claims the war is about to begin. Akshay Kumar bites his skin to the core and you get goosebumps when he screams the most popular dialogue from the movie: “Aaj meri pagdi Bhi Kesari, jo bahega Mera woh lahoo Bhi Kesari, aur Mera jawaab Bhi Kesari.”

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