10 percent of female employees are facing sexual harassment at workplace


  • Every 10th woman in the country has faced sexual harassment at some time at her workplace.
  • There was also no Internal Complaints Committee to register complaints on most women’s workplaces.
  • The study found that women in the private and unorganized sectors faced discrimination regarding pay.
  • This fact has been revealed in a report issued by the National Commission for Women and the Center for Vision Studies.
  • In the last two years, this report has been prepared by talking to 74 thousand 95 women in 64 percent of districts of the country.
  • According to the study, 87 percent of workplaces in India do not have daycare or crèche facilities for childcare.
  • This is a major reason why most women have to withdraw from their jobs immediately after becoming mothers.
  • Not only this, only 69 percent of the workplaces are where facilities like toilets are available and only 51 percent of the women can get regular holidays i.e. 49 percent of the rest women have to struggle for leave.
  • Women are generally happier than men. This happiness has nothing to do with income.



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